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The 2021 mini-fridge buying guide, shown below, is a non-exhaustive list of sustainable mini-fridges sold at competitive prices. All fridges listed in the guide are Energy Star* certified and use low-Global Warming Potential, R-600A refrigerant. The list has been developed in cooperation with the Climate Friendly Cooling Campaign.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of sustainable mini-fridges. If you are interested in searching on your own, please use the supplementary links listed in the guide, or use R-600A refrigerant and Energy Star certification as key criteria in your decision. The R-600A designation means that the mini-fridge uses climate-friendly isobutane refrigerant. You can typically find this information in user manuals linked on product websites. You can also submit a request for a YRI team member to assess your fridge in the contact form on the website.

For a comprehensive list of other, non-mini-fridge sustainable appliances, click here

*Energy Star is the national standard for energy efficiency.

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