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Inequity among students at universities across the world is clear. Wealthy students bring coffee machines, mini-fridges, microwaves, and air conditioners to campus. Disadvantaged students tend to rent these appliances or live without them. As YRI strives to phase down HFC refrigerants on campus, project leaders will consider the impact of phasedown on underserved populations, and how different students may be affected differently by programmatic or policy change. Primarily, YRI proposes the following: 

  • Disburse energy savings back to affected students in the form of dividends. Distribute dividends in line with financial aid awards. Alternatively, the Office of Facilities may set aside energy savings to subsidize the rental of low-Global Warming Potential refrigerators from third-party suppliers. 

  • Through the mini-fridge reuse program, ensure that all students can have regular access to a mini-fridge in their room or suite.

  • Workshop project proposals with intersectionality leaders on the Student Green Council. Make program construction a highly transparent process in order to involve as many students, especially students who could be adversely affected by programs.

If you have further thoughts about programs that YRI can implement regarding equity, please submit your thoughts at the CONTACT section.

In the meantime, YRI also pays all students participating on the project for their time through a stipend provision in the project grant. YRI believes that all students should be fairly compensated for their work. 

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